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arguments in the max wade case monday. and fieri was in court to testify against him. kron 4's j.r. stone is in marin and has the story. >> and the popular food chef host had a $200,000 lamborghini stolen. he was only 17 at the time is accused of stealing the car and prosecutors say was a mission in possible theft. he stated that he still remembers getting word about his stolen car. >> i was in chicago and because of the cameras were rolling at the time when i answered the phone i thought someone was just messing with me, i thought it was a joke. >> on a more serious note prosecutors believe that he did this to impress the world and when that did not work, he tried to kill the girl and the guy that she was dating. he stated that he is just happy this is over. >> my car was gone for a year-and-a-half. i get calls all the time and people tell me that this all my car on the freeway. believe it or not, there is more than one and yellow lamborghito find out that he was a driving it-- >> closing arguments wrapped up today and the jurors will get the case of to stay at 1:30 p.m.. in marin county
from prosecutors and guy if i yearry this week in the trial of max wade. 19-year-old accused of stealing if i yearry's $200,000 lamb boar againny two years ago. he's also on trial for the attempted murders of a classmate he was infatuated with. prosecutors say wade fired shots in 2012, but missed. >>> the u.s. justice department suing an apartment complex for discrimination: banning kids from playing in grassy common areas outside. five families filed complaints. federal prosecutors are seeking monetary damages for them, plus a civil company. >>> apple expected to reveal a new earnings report. . analysts will be watching sales figures for two smartphones, the iphone 5c, 5s. some think the tech giant may announce another huge stock buyback or increase dividend payout. >>> larry escovel may soon lose the interim from his title. after 9 months of searching, outgoing -- deborah is recommending that escovel have the job on a permanent basis. the veteran took over for retired chief chris moore back in january. officers have been leaving the department since the city's financial str
belonging to a celebrity chef. >>> max wade is being prosecuted as an adult even though he was arrested when he was 17, he is charged with shooting at them. prosecutors say he rappeled into a car dealership and stole a 200,000 dollar lamborghini owned by television chef. >>> the city of santa clara is putting together a team for the stadium. they will hire 120 current and former officers to work at home games and other high profile events, they report they will be paid 55 dollars an hour and have to pass the same background check as officers on the police force. >> 6:39, we have new details about the owners of an assisted living home closed by the state because of charges of unsafe and unsanitary condition, they also have one in modesto, they brought in investigators to examine that one looking for mistreatment of patients. >> we brought in outside contractors to assess the residents and also to determine if there is adequate levels of care and supervision provide. >> if the state finds violations it can file a temporary suspension order at any time against that facility in modesto. >>> late
. sandusky is in pennsylvania super max prison for 30 to 60 years. mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> it's unclear how the money will be divided up. >>> police make arrests following the fatal shooting of a hotel worker. surveillance video shows the moment when man walked up to pregnant hotel clerk and demanded money. the hotel's manager confronts the thief and is shot several times by him. he died at the scene. police say three men are behind bars facing first and second- degree murder charges. >>> new details are emerging about the double murder-suicide in anne arundel county. one of the dead a decorated baltimore city firefighter is being called a hero in the last moments of his life. derek valcourt has the story. >> reporter: at the engine 14 firehouse in southwest baltimore, the doors are draped with black bunting, a tribute to 27-year-old firefighter andrew hoffman. hoffman and his new girlfriend, marie hartman were gunned down inspect his glen burnie home around 1:30 sunday morning. the young sister escaped out the window. the killer was the ex- boyfriend, christopher lee r
2nd the forecast max high at bwi is below 50 degrees. think about how warm it's been the past 6 months. don, take it away. >> thank you. >>> a big back up in an unusual place on the beltway this morning. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. that is for sure. the outer loop at stevenson not so good right now. we have a car fire there still blocking three lanes. only one lane getting by. it is causing a big back up. when we take a look at our traffic camera you will see traffic isn't moving. slight improvement on 295 northbound between 695 and 895. pulaski highway also at gateway drive. speeds showing up on full speeds on the top and west side of the beltway. when you take a look at this shot on the topside outer loop you can see traffic not moving. that's because of that car fire at stevenson causing a big delay. now wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here's don. >> thank you. >>> the white house is launch aw ing a -- launching a new campaign to raise support for the affordable care act. the president will talk to peo
courtroom in the trial of 18-year-old max wade. accused of stealing the luxury car of a celebrity chef and also he's accused of attempted murder. but yesterday celebrity chef guy fieri testified he never gave wade permission to drive his car. he is accused of stealing die's lamborghini from a san francisco dealership back in 2011. several people saw the car after it was stole. >> people would call and we'd get reports. well to come find out you know that he was driving it. brave kid. >> prosecutors say wade stole the car trying to impress a girl and when she rejected him, he fired shots at her and her boyfriend in mill valley. fieri decided to get rid of that car. now if you want to find out why, go to and you can see guy fieri's full interview. the unedited video under the top story tab. >>> well, ten people are looking for a place to stay after an out of control car crashed right into a heyward apartment building. it happened at 3:00 yesterday afternoon and jackson and grand streets. people say they heard screeching tires before a ford mustang crashed right through a bedroom
-old max wade. he's the teen charged with stealing the luxury car of a celebrity chef and also of attempted murder. yesterday, celebrity chef guy fieri testified he never gave wade permission to take his car. wade is accused of stealing guy fieri's lamborghini in 2011. prosecutors say he stole the car to impress a girl and when she rejected him, he fired shots at her and her boyfriend in mill valley. yet, he says he has decided to get rid of the car -- guy fieri said he's since decided to get rid of the car. for more go to our website under the top story tab. >>> it's not an excuse but it may be a possible explain achessation -- explanation. the brother of a female driver who hit and killed a menlo park couple last week explains what he thinks prompted her breakdown. >>> and the trayvon martin case returns to the national spotlight. live pictures as the controversial law is being examined on capitol hill. >>> traffic heavy through daly city in the san bruno area. we'll tell you why. also here' a live look at the -- here is a live look at the macarthur maze. >>> as i say to tori, that's an a
. closing arguments in the max wade case ended a short time ago. and fieri was in court earlier today. kron 4's j.r. stone is in marin and has the story. >> reporter: certainly come of the he is a pop food network certainly, he is a popular food network storymax wade is no stranger to trouble. law enforcement investigators accuse him of multiple crimes. back in march of 2011.when he was 17.police say he stole t-v chef guy fieri's lamborghini from a san francisco dealership. he allegedly repelled from the roof of the van ness dealership one night.and cut the locks of the showroom.then drove away. mill valley.april of 2012. >> i was in chicago. and i thought that somebody was just messing with me. >> reporter: wade is accused of attempted murder for firing five shots into the parked vehicle of a romantic rival. police say the girl in the vechiele chose another guy over him. wade was eventually tracked down.and arrested. then in august of 2012. at least two of wade's buddies tried to help him escape from marin county juvenile hall. bolt cutters got them through the fence.but their sledgehammer
guy fieri's lamborghini and shooting at a romantic rifle. 19-year-old max wade is acharged with attempted murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle. there's your news. your traffic and weather coming up next. >>> good morning. unfortunately, 680 can not catch a break. traffic alert has been canceled with a new incident, southbound 680 approaching villa pass. there was a box truck in the last half hour, blocking a couple lanes but in the last few minutes, they cleared it but unfortunately, it's really backed up because of a series of other accidents you'll notice it's just red sensors from southbound 680 from walnut creek down into san ramon. also towards the bay bridge, we had a fender-bender that's now out of there. all lanes are open but backed up at least 25 minutes. that is traffic. here's your forecast. >>> clouds starting to break up but will be another cool day. the radar had been tracking shower in santa cruz mountains but settling down. over san francisco, we have some clouds rolling on through with temperatures and a cool s
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of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. >>> it's 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the government's health care insurance site goes down again and more americans who are insured are dealing with changes they never expected. >>> a stunning find is made inside an italian castle a mural made by leonardo deda vinci hidden for years. >>> and dr. ruth westheimer. she delivers a note to herself. but first your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> there's outrage and disgust with the surveillance. >> they're pretty clear on that. >> so the united states is spying on 35 world leaders, and the president of the united states doesn't know anything about it? >> a management expert brought in to turn around the website says this is fixable, but that's going to take weeks, not days. >> some homeowners but others still don't have a home 12 months after the storm. >> jay-z is the epitome of a rap
. there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. we are born searching. for intelligent life. for a greater purpose. it's a journey enriched by the people we know and the things we share. we believe online searching should be the same. only at bing do you see what the web knows what we know, and now what your friends and the world of social media are creating all there. all in one search. expand your search and see what you've been missing. bing. try it now. >>> it's 5 minutes before 9:00. we've had a good downpour on tv hill. marty is over at first warning weather. >>> let's take look at first warning doppler weather radar. this is fascinating here. we have a lot to talk about by the way. watch this line start to fall apart right there. now having said that we only have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for cecil and harford dropped for baltimore city and baltimore county. here's what i
to nine years in prison. celebrity chef fieri is to testify. he is to testify against max wade accused of stealing his lamborghini from a dealership back in march 2011. wade is also on trial for a separate incident in mill valley in 2012 when prosecutors say he shot into an occupied vehicle. >>> let's take you outside with a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. we have a good looking day. you can see from this picture of san francisco, old glory getting quite a bit of pickup. the winds were strong. they are starting to drop off as we speak. we are expecting showers now as we head throughout the second half of the day, mostly in the south bay and east bay. throughout this afternoon it's not going to be that warm. make sure you bundle up. 58 degrees on the way to san francisco. 61 in los gatos and 62 in santa teresa. if you want warmer weather we've got it. tomorrow temperatures climb. upper 70s to low 80s thursday into friday. here is your drive. >> in san jose one of the spots here because of typical build. look on the maps, also word of a crash right
next week. >>> the north bay teen who made headlines stealing guy fer airy's lamborghini, max wade was found guilty. he faces 30 years to life in prison when he is sentenced in december. we're going to look at the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. good morning to you at home. happy halloween. what a treat we're in for this year. temperatures are going to reach the low 70s around the bay. about 78 in livermore action 75 degrees in gilroy. so highs at about 4:00 p.m. once the sun sets at 6:15 it's comfortable bay side with the mid-60s headed your way. 60 degrees at 8:15 after two long hours of trick-or-treating, temperatures are going to drop. as we head through tomorrow we're going to boost numbers up to 81. 76 by saturday. 71 for sunday. let's check on your drive. here is mike inouye. >> getting crowded all over the bay. we'll look outside toward the peninsula for palo alto southbound coming toward us. the sunlight causing an issue. folks blinded for a second. watch as you approach university. north of there a slowdown northbound from bel
deliberations resume in the trial of max wade. he's accused of attempted murder and stealing a sports car belonging to celebrity chef. he's 19 years old. he's being prosecuted as an adult. even though he was arrest when he was only 17. he's charged with shooting at a teenaged girl and her boyfriend last year. prosecutors also say he stole a $200,000 car belonging to tv chef guy fee fee et -- guy fieri. >>> a plan that would limit dock access in san francisco is not being supported -- dog access in san francisco is not being supported opposing the golden gate area's plan to limit dog access to parks. scott wiener wants the plan modified for rerk ration areas like chrissy -- rerk -- recreation areas like crissy field and ocean beach. >>> uber added an option for kitten delivery. now, people can use the uber app and order a kitten for a 15- minute snuggle. snugglers pay 20 bucks. the money went to local shelters. but a lot of people were angry. they said they were never able to get through and order a kitten. uber isn't saying how many snugglers try to adopt a kitten. >>> our time is now 8:2
to be the first time since april 2nd that the max forec >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walmart. walmart's got the season's hotting gifts at everyday low prices. come in and see for yourself. >>> nine sky divers survive a midair disaster. their chutes didn't tangle but the planes did. >> we were all on the step just getting ready to leave the aircraft when they collided. >> how everyone including the pilots, made it out alive. >>> did governor chris christie's past turn off the romney campaign? what romney is saying now. >>> plus the speech from hillary clinton that reveals what sounds like a key campaign theme. >>> plus airline passengers hearing something they've never heard before. >> you can use your personal electronic devices now from taxi to landing. >> reporter: "cbs this morning" gets unprecedented access as airlines rush to take the new rules. stay tuned for your local news. chili's lunch break combos starting at just 6 bucks like our new santa fe chicken quesadilla burger bites sandwiches, and more served with fries and your choice of s
potpie which is my absolute favorite. >> it's comfort food to the max, isn't it? >> it is. >> and sizzling in the pan doesn't hurt. >> it has to do with leftovers too. >> you can cook your own chicken or use leftover thanksgiving turkey. you could buy a chicken and cut it into pieces. >> how about pizza? >> that is absolutely inspired. let me tell you. >> okay. you have a couple of vegetables in there sauteing. >> regular onions, carrots and celery. then you go in with your cooked poultry. i have a new holiday cook book out and i have a whole section of thanksgiving leftovers. i roast huge turkeys to have the le leftovers. so after this all cooks a little bit, it's time to thicken it. so a little bit of flour and serve that around. natalie, pour in the broth. >> okay. broth first. >> then let that thicken up. we're fast forwarding today. >> the whole thing. >> the whole thing in there and i love putting it in potpie because it gives it this beautiful color. >> yeah. >> so this thickens eventually with a little cream to this which is just -- i mean, i could just put this in
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